Microdermabrasion medical skin treatments supersede the old ways of treating skin concerns and problems such as general ageing, sun-damage, lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, acne, scarring and stretch marks.  


For the uninitiated, Microdermabrasion is only mildly uncomfortable to some.  All treatments are customised to ensure the best results for your skin. The treatment is NOT painful and there is NO downtime with only the potential of a mild flush to the skin post treatment.


Biologically, this treatment activates the skins' natural healing response causing a faster turn over of skin cells and the production of collagen in the dermis layer.  The outcome is a finer texture, a healthier appearance of the skin and a reduction in the depth and appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


For Acne prone skin, the skins response is less clogging, a reduction of oil and improvement of scars.


Note: For optimal Skin Results with microdermabrasion and resurfacing peels, a course of 6 treatments (one each week) is recommended to bring your skin to its optimum, followed with a monthly treatment for skin maintenance. 

Express Microderm


For the budget or time conscious.  This treatment includes; double cleanse, lymphatic drainage treatment, microdermabrasion treatment and protection (SPF Moisturiser).


Treatment Duration:  20 minutes

Treatment Cost:           $50.00

Add ons ...

AHA Peel                    

Decolletage inclusion

Collagen Mask

Head, Neck & Shoulder massage 

Eyebrow wax & Eyelash tint 






Signature Package


This most effective skin maintenance system combines the Express Microderm treatment with an AHA Peel, a beautiful healing organic mask and a head, neck and shoulder massage to relieve stress while revealing brighter, younger looking skin that lasts for weeks. 


Treatment Duration:  1 hour

Treatment Cost:           $90.00

Prepay & Save:              Pay for 4 = $360, Get another for free