Massage Therapies

Ladies Only


Massage is the one of the oldest healing modalities on earth. Massage is particularly effective in breaking pain cycles.  For example; sitting at the computer for long periods makes your neck sore, which gives you a headache.  You then clench your teeth because you have a headache, which tightens the neck muscles.  This cycle is indicative of many pain loops caused by muscle dysfunction.


Only quality massage oils are used which are blended from organic carrier and essential oils.  These nourishing oils ensure your skin gets a treat while your muscles get relaxed. It is a requirement that underwear remain on and I ensure that towels are used to maintain modesty.


All massages are the same cost:


1/2 hour:   $40

Full hour:  $70

Stress Busters




Swedish massage techniques are used to melt away stress.




Combines a relaxing massage with the therapeutic properties of essential oils to calm the body and soul.



Chronic Pain? Tired of feeling worse after a remedial massage than better?

Been told you have to undergo agony for a Remedial Massage to have any benefits?  Well that's simply not true!


Remedial massage targets muscular and skeletal dysfunction by providing a healing treatment on muscles and tendons that have become damaged or impaired; knotted; tense or immobile.


I work carefully within your pain barriers, directly on the cause of the problem to achieve maximum benefit with minimum pain.


The lymphatic system is responsible for keeping our circulatory system and tissues clean.  A sluggish lymphatic system can cause prolonged or repeated illness, water retention and poor immunity. 


While very relaxing a lymphatic massage will increase the bodies ability to dispose of waste which in turn improves the bodies immunity response, skin tone and visible cellulite.

Add Ons


Why not tune up your bodies energies while fixing those dysfunctional muscles. 20 minute tune-up.               $20

Hand or foot treatment

Super condition hands or feet while restoring your muscles. Includes; slough, buff and condition.                 $15