Using our great range of skincare; Organic Radiance, let nature care for your skin.


All facials come with a free skin diagnosis.

Mini Classic Facial


A rejuvenating facial for those with limited time. Double cleanse, exfoliate, essential oil serum massage, moisture and sunblock.


Treatment Duration:  20 minutes

Treatment Cost:           $40.00

Bliss Facial


Bliss out with this facial which combines great skin care with a de-stressing massage.


Combining the best rejuvenating products for face and decolletage; selected specifically for your skin.  This facial includes double deep brush cleanse, exfoliation, a lovely organic mask selected to suit your skins' requirements and moisturiser combined with a head, neck, shoulder and facial massage with aromatic essential oils.



Treatment Duration:  1 hour

Treatment Cost:           $70.00

Drench Facial


Sooth and rehydrate even the driest skins with this replenishing facial.


This treatment includes double brush cleanse and exfoliation to remove those dull dead skin cells that create a barrier to hydration, followed by an essential oil serum facial massage and a hydrating Collagen Gel Mask.   Finish off with products that will leave your skin feeling soft and plumped.


Treatment Duration:  1 hour

Treatment Cost:           $70.00

Detox Facial


Clear congestion, restore hydration and rejuvenate problem skin with this detoxifying facial.


Skin is double deep brush cleansed and exfoliated to remove oil and dead skin cells which block pores.  Excess oils are drawn from the skin while balancing essential oils calm stressed skin via an organic clay mask.  Extractions if necessary finished by our boutique skin serum and protective moisturiser to leave your skin feeling clearer and brighter.


Treatment Duration:  1 hour

Treatment Cost:           $70.00

Add ons...


        AHA Peel                                                $ 15


Alpha Hydroxy Acids (naturally found in fruits) applied to the skin under controlled conditions, gently break down the bonds of dead skin layers, revealing fresh new skin.



        Eyebrow wax & eyelash tint            $ 20


Tidy those brows and eccentuate your eyes to go with your new glowing skin